Open Access Overview

NATURALISTA CAMPANO is an open access journal, meaning that all content is freely available to readers without any subscription or paywall barriers. This open access policy ensures that research published in NATURALISTA CAMPANO is accessible to a global audience, including researchers, academics, practitioners, policymakers, and the general public.

Key features of NATURALISTA CAMPANO's open access policy include:

  1. Free Access: All articles published in NATURALISTA CAMPANO are freely accessible on the journal's website immediately upon publication, allowing readers to download, read, and share the content without any restrictions.

  2. Global Reach: By removing access barriers, NATURALISTA CAMPANO facilitates the dissemination of research to a diverse and international audience, promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and interdisciplinary exchange.

  3. Enhanced Visibility: Open access publication increases the visibility and impact of published research by making it more discoverable to readers, researchers, and practitioners worldwide. Articles in NATURALISTA CAMPANO are indexed in major databases and repositories, further enhancing their visibility and accessibility.

  4. Accelerated Discovery: Open access enables faster dissemination of research findings, accelerating the pace of scientific discovery and innovation. By providing immediate access to new research, NATURALISTA CAMPANO contributes to the advancement of knowledge in natural sciences, ecology, environmental studies, biodiversity, and related interdisciplinary areas.

  5. Compliance with Funding Mandates: Open access publication aligns with the requirements of many funding agencies, institutions, and governments that mandate public access to research outputs resulting from publicly funded research. Authors publishing in NATURALISTA CAMPANO can comply with these mandates while maximizing the impact and reach of their research.

  6. Long-Term Preservation: All articles published in NATURALISTA CAMPANO are archived in digital repositories, ensuring their long-term preservation and accessibility for future generations of scholars, researchers, and practitioners.

NATURALISTA CAMPANO is committed to the principles of open access publishing and believes that removing barriers to access and sharing research results benefits the global research community and society as a whole. By publishing open access, NATURALISTA CAMPANO aims to contribute to the democratization of knowledge and promote scientific progress and innovation.