Aims and Scope

NATURALISTA CAMPANO is a scholarly, double-blind peer-reviewed international journal that serves as a platform for the dissemination of original research, theoretical insights, empirical studies, methodological advancements, and case analyses in the fields of natural sciences, ecology, environmental studies, biodiversity, and related interdisciplinary areas.

The primary aims of NATURALISTA CAMPANO are:

  1. Advancement of Knowledge: To foster the advancement of knowledge in natural sciences, ecology, environmental studies, biodiversity, and interdisciplinary areas by publishing original and innovative research contributions.

  2. Exploration of Natural Phenomena: To provide a forum for researchers to explore natural phenomena, ecological processes, environmental dynamics, and biodiversity conservation strategies through theoretical and empirical investigations.

  3. Interdisciplinary Exchange: To encourage interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration among scholars, researchers, and practitioners working across various domains within the natural sciences, promoting holistic understandings of complex ecological systems.

  4. Promotion of Sustainable Practices: To promote the dissemination of research that contributes to the understanding and promotion of sustainable practices, conservation efforts, and environmental stewardship for the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.

  5. Global Relevance: To publish research that addresses global environmental challenges, regional ecological dynamics, and local biodiversity conservation efforts, thereby contributing to broader scientific discourse and societal well-being.

The scope of NATURALISTA CAMPANO encompasses, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Ecology and Ecosystem Dynamics
  • Environmental Science and Conservation
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Management
  • Climate Change and its Impacts
  • Wildlife Biology and Conservation
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Policy and Governance
  • Sustainability Science and Practices
  • Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation
  • Landscape Ecology and Conservation Planning
  • Conservation Biology and Genetics
  • Environmental Education and Outreach

NATURALISTA CAMPANO welcomes contributions from researchers, scholars, educators, practitioners, and policymakers engaged in advancing knowledge and promoting sustainable practices in natural sciences and related disciplines. We encourage submissions that contribute to the scientific understanding of ecological systems, inform conservation policies and practices, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration for addressing environmental challenges.