Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

NATURALISTA CAMPANO is committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and preventing publication malpractice. Authors, reviewers, editors, and the editorial team are expected to adhere to the following ethical guidelines:

  1. Authorship and Originality:

    • Authorship should be limited to individuals who have made significant contributions to the research and its interpretation.
    • All submitted manuscripts must represent original work that has not been previously published or under consideration elsewhere.
    • Proper acknowledgment and citation of sources are essential to avoid plagiarism and ensure the integrity of the research.
  2. Peer Review Process:

    • NATURALISTA CAMPANO employs a double-blind peer review process, where the identities of authors and reviewers are concealed.
    • Reviewers are expected to provide constructive feedback and evaluate manuscripts based on their originality, significance, methodology, and clarity.
    • Editors are responsible for ensuring the fairness and impartiality of the peer review process and making informed decisions based on reviewers' comments.
  3. Conflicts of Interest:

    • Authors, reviewers, and editors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may influence their judgment or the interpretation of the research.
    • Conflicts of interest may include financial interests, personal relationships, or institutional affiliations that could affect the integrity or objectivity of the publication process.
  4. Ethical Conduct:

    • Authors should conduct research and report findings in accordance with ethical principles and relevant guidelines, including obtaining informed consent and ethical approval for studies involving human subjects or animals.
    • Authors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of their research data and providing access to raw data if requested by the editorial team.
  5. Publication Decisions:

    • Editorial decisions regarding manuscript acceptance or rejection are based on the significance, originality, validity, and relevance of the research to the journal's scope.
    • Decisions are made independently of commercial interests or external pressures and are guided by the journal's editorial policies and ethical guidelines.
  6. Correction and Retraction:

    • Authors are obligated to promptly notify the journal editor if they discover errors or inaccuracies in their published work and cooperate in issuing corrections or retractions as necessary.
    • The editorial team will assess requests for corrections or retractions in accordance with established guidelines and ethical standards.
  7. Compliance with Guidelines:

    • Authors, reviewers, and editors must comply with the journal's guidelines, policies, and instructions for authors to ensure transparency, integrity, and fairness in the publication process.

Any violations of these ethical guidelines will be taken seriously and may result in corrective actions, including rejection of manuscripts, retraction of published articles, or notification to relevant institutions or authorities. NATURALISTA CAMPANO is committed to maintaining the integrity and credibility of published research and fostering a culture of ethical conduct in scholarly publishing.