Open Access License

All articles published in NATURALISTA CAMPANO are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). This open access license allows readers to freely access, download, distribute, and reuse the content for any lawful purpose, provided proper attribution is given to the authors and the journal.

Key features of the CC-BY license include:

  1. Freedom to Access: Readers have the freedom to access and read articles published in NATURALISTA CAMPANO without any subscription or paywall barriers.

  2. Freedom to Share: The CC-BY license permits readers to share and distribute the published articles, including posting them on personal websites, social media platforms, institutional repositories, or scholarly networks.

  3. Freedom to Remix: Readers are allowed to adapt, modify, or build upon the published content to create derivative works, such as translations, summaries, or educational materials, as long as proper attribution is provided.

  4. Attribution Requirement: Users of the content must provide appropriate credit to the original authors and the journal by citing the article's title, authors, journal name (NATURALISTA CAMPANO), volume, issue, page numbers, and a link to the original article.

  5. Commercial Use: The CC-BY license allows for both non-commercial and commercial use of the published content, providing maximum flexibility for readers to reuse the material in various contexts.

  6. Legal Protection: The CC-BY license is legally enforceable and provides clear terms of use for readers and users of the content, ensuring compliance with copyright laws and ethical standards.

By publishing articles under the CC-BY license, NATURALISTA CAMPANO aims to maximize the accessibility, visibility, and impact of the research it publishes while promoting the principles of open access and knowledge sharing. This open access license aligns with the journal's commitment to advancing scientific progress, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, and fostering innovation in natural sciences, ecology, environmental studies, biodiversity, and related fields