The Importance of Ensemble Performance in Improving Performance Skills of Art Students

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Mukammalxon Kurbonova
Gofurjon Yunusov
Rafik Ahmedov
Azizjon Talaboyev
Ijodbek Jurayev
Siddiqjon Madaminov
Foziljon Muydinov
Gayratjon Yuldashev
Sherzodjon Maxanov


This article examines the history of the introduction of the concept of an ensemble into the Uzbek national musical art, as well as its activities in different periods. The views of Eastern thinkers, musicologists and outstanding soloists on instrumentation and ensemble, as well as its musical heritage, are widely covered. 20th century The warm glow of independence continues to go through testing passages in all areas. In the process of fundamental reforms in the economic, political and social spheres of our country, special attention is paid to national culture and art, spirituality and enlightenment, and development factors in our society. It is important to fully restore the priceless national values and traditions inherited from our ancestors, to study our historical and cultural monuments, including our musical heritage in detail.

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