In Seed Standardization Achievements and Problems

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Mukhabat Turabhodjaeva
ukhrat Kozubaev
Gies Abduvakhidov
Dilmurod Rasulov


It is known that the standardization of agricultural products, including seeds, cannot be carried out without taking into account the changes taking place in the world. To enter the international market, seed standardization should be guided by the requirements of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA). Taking into account the conducted studies, as well as the requirements of international rules in the standards for varietal and sowing qualities of cotton seeds, a number of standards were developed in the prescribed manner and approved. This covered, first of all: terms and definitions, germination, batch sizes of raw and seed for sampling working samples, as well as the definition of the substrate to determine the germination energy and germination of cotton seeds. To date, the issues of studying and approving standards for the express method for determining germination, residual infection with seed pathogens, mechanical damage, etc. remain relevant.

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