Methods of Creating Early, High Yield Cotton Varieties

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Alisher Amanturdiev


The article presents the results of many years of research on the creation of early ripening, highyielding, high-yielding, wilt-resistant, with the quality of type IV-V fiber with a raw weight of one box of 6.0- 7.0 g of varieties and lines by various classical breeding methods. At the same time, it should be noted that in the genetic and breeding work with cotton, great success in breeding has been achieved through classical breeding methods, but at this stage it is necessary to use new effective methods in breeding, as well as to improve the methods of hybridization and selection of plants. Values are given for each hybridization method: distant ecological-geographical, interspecific, intervarietal, interline and backcrosses to obtain the source material for practical breeding. As a result of targeted selection using various breeding methods: analytical, combinational (pedigry), transgressive and backcrosses, varieties Omad, S-8284, S8286, S-8290, Gurlen and lines were created that have high yield, high fiber yield, wilt resistance and fiber quality IV-V type. The above varieties are sown in the republic this year and occupy about 100 thousand hectares

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