Epidimiologcal Study on Baghdad Boil in AL- Zab District in Kirkuk City

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M. Sc. Nour Khalaf AL-Shanen


Leishmaniasis is one of the diseases of concern in developing countries, and the types of Leishmania and their prevalence rates vary from one region to another. In this study, a total of 320 cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis were evaluated from health centers and public clinics in Al-Zab District during the period from August 2022 until the end of March 2023. We took smears directly from the lesions, dried them, fixed them, stained them with Giemsa, and then examined them microscopically to detect the amastigote stage of macrophages to detect cutaneous leishmaniasis. In this study, the age group under five years showed the highest infection rate, reaching 56%. Most of the infections were concentrated in the villages of Shamit and Al-Sabbaghiya, at 29% and 26%, respectively, for both sexes. The infections were concentrated in the exposed parts of the body, especially the face, and we attributed this to social and environmental causes. Clinical manifestations were common, with dry ulcers occurring in 65%.

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