Bibliometric Analysis of Renewable Energy and Climate Change Research

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DeepakHajoary, Hem Chandra Das, Raju Narzary, Rinku Basumatary


Climate change poses an existential threat, necessitating urgent action to transition towards sustainable energy systems. This study presents a bibliometric analysis to map the intellectual structure of renewable energy and climate change research from 2000-2023. Publications were retrieved from Scopus using the search query "renewable energy" AND "climate change" restricted to English articles. Data were analyzed using bibliometric software tools to understand publication trends, research themes, collaboration patterns, and impact. The results revealed a substantial increase in publications over time, with key themes around policy, technology integration, public perceptions, and climate impacts on renewables. Developed countries lead in terms of output and impact, but emerging economies play an increasingly prominent role. International collaboration is steadily increasing, linking researchers across disciplines and geographical boundaries. These findings provide insights into the growth of this interdisciplinary field, pointing to policy frameworks, sustainable technologies, and public engagement as critical priorities. The limitations of the database coverage and English language bias are also acknowledged. Overall, this study highlights the crucial role of collaborative, solution-oriented research in accelerating the transition to renewable energy for effective climate change mitigation.

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