The Biological Structure of the Modern Dendroflora of Western Tanirtau

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Sikhymbayev A. E
Aralbai N.K
Yermekbayeva A. T
Zhigitekov T. A
Butaev M.D


In terms of its plant richness, the Tien Shan occupies a special place among the mountain systems of Central Asia. According to many scientists, the Tien Shan is conditionally divided into three parts - western, central (inner) and northern. In the geographical nomenclature, onomastics and toponomics of modern sovereign Kazakhstan, the original name Tanirtau is used instead of the term Tien-Shan. Western Tanirtau is the most floristically rich mountain ecosystem in Kazakhstan, where the bioclimatic zones from deserts to glaciers are represented in all their diversity. The generic coefficient of the flora of Western Tanirtau is the highest in Kazakhstan and reaches 4.12, which indicates a high degree of autonomy and originality of the flora of Western Tanirtau. There are no special reports on the dendroflora of Western Tanirtau at this time. The essence of the floristic analysis given in this paper is the biological analysis of the dendroflora of Western Tanirtau. The species composition of tree and shrub plants collected and recorded in all natural, anthropogenic-urbanized ecosystems of Western Tanirtau were the objects of study. Research objectives: to identify the life forms of the dendroflora of Western Tanirtau; to determine the rhythm of flowering and fruiting of tree and shrub plants in the region.

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