Activated Glauconite in the Treatment of Endogenous Intoxication in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis

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Mavlyanova Shakhnoza Zakirovna
Mirzakulova Shakhnoza Negmatilla kizi
Alimukhamedova Yulduz Askarovna


Improving approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with endogenous intoxication syndrome is one of the socially significant problems of practical dermatology. It is of particular importance for atopic dermatitis. Endogenous intoxication was characterized by an increase in the concentration of sorption capacity of erythrocytes (SSE) by 1.5 and of medium molecule peptides (MMP) by 2.1 times compared to the healthy control group against the background of hyperproduction of total IgE, antimicrobial peptides LL-37 by 2.9 times (P <0.05) The use of activated glauconite (fatifiltrum) in complex therapy in patients with atopic dermatitis contributes to a more pronounced reduction in the degree of endogenous intoxication of the body, the SCORAD index by 4.04 times, than standard therapy. The data obtained indicate the detoxifying ability of activated glauconite “fatfiltrum”, which can be recommended for widespread use in dermatological practice.

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