Deconstructing History: Postmodern Perspectives on A Historical Figure

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Rizaeva Dilyayra Shavkatovna Dospanova D.U.
Abdumajitova Ra'no Rakhimjanovna
Umarkhodjayeva Dilnoza Mirzakirovna


This article explores the representation and deconstruction of historical figures in postmodern literature, focusing on the complexities, ambiguities, and multiplicities inherent in the narrative construction of the past. Through a critical examination of postmodern literary texts, this article aims to elucidate how historical figures are reimagined, subverted, and interrogated within the framework of postmodernism. By analyzing key themes, techniques, and narrative strategies employed by postmodern authors, this article seeks to highlight the fluidity of historical representation and the ways in which it intersects with broader cultural, political, and epistemological concerns in contemporary society.

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