Emerging Trends in Fermentation Technology: Implications for Food Security and Environmental Sustainability

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Prajkta S. Sarkale, Prakash G. Ghewari, Prajkta S. Sarkale


Fermentation technology has been a cornerstone of food production for centuries, and its significance continues to evolve with emerging trends. This research paper explores the recent advancements in fermentation technology and discusses their implications for enhancing food security and promoting environmental sustainability. The paper delves into various aspects of fermentation, including novel fermentation techniques, microbial diversity, and the utilization of fermentation byproducts. Furthermore, it examines the potential of fermentation in addressing global challenges such as food waste reduction, alternative protein sources, and climate change mitigation. By highlighting the latest innovations and trends in fermentation technology, this paper aims to provide insights into how this age-old process can contribute to a more resilient and sustainable food system.

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