A Study on Strategic Investment Decision Making at Farida Shoes, Ambur Tirupattur District.

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C. Sheeba
Dr. S. Sasikumar


A business may compute the continuing cash inflows and outflows linked to a possible design in capital planning to determine whether the expected returns meet the necessary benchmark. Investment evaluation is a word that is occasionally used to refer to capital budgeting. Businesses would investigate any opportunity or venture that may increase earnings and shareholder value in an ideal world. Every business only has a certain amount of cash or investors available for new systems, thus, operations employ capital budgeting techniques to ascertain which project would yield the highest return over a specific time frame. Data obtained from both primary and secondary sources regarding the company's goals, costs, norms of quality, and products. Background information is provided in the form of an abstract, and includes a review of the literature as well as details on the many techniques of capital budgeting, including NPV, ARR, PBP, and IRR. It will discuss research design, including the type of disquisition style used, data collection methods, and constraints. An abstract is supplied as background information, and it contains a review of the literature as well as details on the various methods of capital budgeting, such as NPV, ARR, PBP, and IRR. It will go through study design, including the kind of discourse style that is employed, data gathering techniques, and restrictions.

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