Custom Made Ball Attachment in Maxillary Tooth Suppported Overdenture and Neutral Zone in Compromised Mandibular Edentulous Arch – A Case Report

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Dr. Jayashree Sajjanar
Dr Zehra Rana
Dr. B S Shylesh Kumar
Dr. Vaishnavi Mohite
Dr. Mayur Chakole


Overdenture which is popular treatment option among older people with few teeth remaining and the roots kept beneath the denture base which supports the jawbone, provides sensory feedback thereby improving denture stability. Furthermore using coping and attachments on existing teeth may enhance denture retention, thereby utilising pre-fabricated attachments can be expensive and require special skills for implementation. This case report narrates a unique method for preparing a overlay denture secured by custom designed ball attachments, attached with elastic orthodontic separators as a female attachment. Using custom made ball attachment along with orthodontic separator offers easy and cost-effective option than prefabricated attachments, thus improving tooth supported over denture retention. Placing the denture within the neutral zone, where forces exerted by the tongue, lips, cheeks, and musculature are balanced, during functional tasking significantly improves retention. Placement of denture too far or too close can lead to instability while speaking, swallowing, and chewing. The following case report also demonstrates how neutral zone impression technique was used to overcome denture instability

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