Immunological Characteristics of The Useful Biomarker Siglec-1 For the Differential Diagnosis of Systemic Scleroderma

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Babamuradova Zarrina Baxtiyarovna
Shodikulova Gulandom Zikriyaevna
Iskandarova Farida Ismailovna


Systemic scleroderma (SS) is a clinically heterogeneous disease that involves increased production of type I interferons (IFN). The purpose of this study was to study the IFN-regulated sialic acid binding protein Lactic 1 (SIGLEC-1) in CC. The expression levels of SIGLEC-1 on the monocytes of 203 patients with CC were determined in a transverse and longitudinal analysis compared with 119 patients with other rheumatic diseases and 13 healthy patients. In the examined patients with CC, the expression of SIGLEC-1 on monocytes was higher (2097.94 = 2134.39) than in the control group (1167.45 = 380.93; p = 0.49). Thus, the study of the SIGLEC-1 level is suitable for the differential diagnosis of SS from other rheumatologically diseases.

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