Effect of Nikel Element on the Ecological Status of Irrigated Soils in Nishan District

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Sabirjan Nizamov
Kuziev J.M
Baxodirov Z.A.
Mirsodiqov M.M.


The article states that the accumulation of nickel in the irrigated serozem-meadow, desert-sandy and grey brown-meadow soils of Nishan district of Kashkadarya region exceeds the permissible norms. The amount of nickel in the 0-2 and 30-50 cm layers of irrigated serozem-meadow soils in the Uch Mola massif of Nishan district ranged from 19.7 to 19.9 mg/kg and was observed in the range of 20.3–19.1 mg / kg. This element averages 8.3 mg/kg in the 0-2 cm layer, 7.0 mg/kg in the 2-10 cm layer, 7.4 mg/kg in the 10-20 cm layer, and 7,0 in the 20-30 cm layer in desert-sandy soils. An average of 14.2–24.3 mg/kg was observed in the 0–30 cm layer (REM 10 mg/kg for Ni), which we assume have a negative impact on soil biota, plants, environment.

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