Nutritional Regime of the Sand Depending on Fertilizer Rates

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Sanoatkhon Zakirova
Khusnidakhon Abdukhakimova
Guzalkhon Sotiboldieva
Rahmatillo Akbarov


To evaluate the effectiveness of fertility, the real ability of the soil to provide high yields of agricultural crops, the content of nutrients in it in, forms available to plants are very essential. Therefore, agrochemical analyzes of the soil, which make it possible to determine the content and dynamics of mobile forms of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic fertilizers, are important for the correct, differentiated application of fertilizers also on sands. Through the use of various agrotechnological measures, sandy and sandy loamy soils are enriched with nutrients, innovative technologies are used to restore and increase soil fertility. Protection from the impact of sand winds, cultivation of agricultural crops in these lands, as well as the development of technology for the use of various fertilizers in natural and artificial screens in proportional ratios, suitable terms, norms and methods to increase the yield of high-quality cotton under irrigation are one of the urgent problems of agricultural soil science and agrophysics, cotton growing.

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