Changes in the Quantity of Microelements in Irrigated Soils Under the Effect of Fertilizers

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Bakhtiyor Atoev
Jandos Kaypnazarov
Samad Mahammadiev


The source of micronutrients for plants is the soil, maintaining the balance between micronutrients in the soil is one of the most important problems in agricultural production. In the researches, the influence of micronutrients in the soil properties of irrigated brown meadow and irrigated meadow soils on soil properties and nutrition of winter wheat was studied. The amount of trace elements in the soil changed depending on the fertilizer rates. In the studied soils (irrigated brown meadow and irrigated meadow) in the variant where 4 (pure) N154P112K35 kg/ha fertilizer standards were used, micro-elements in mobile form (copper, zinc, manganese and boron) decreased at the beginning of the growing season, especially in the irrigated meadow it is known that it is more reduced in soils.

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