Influence of Introduction of Agronomic Ores on Soil Composition and Properties

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Renat Saidovich Nazarov
Dilbar Abdukayumovna Tungushova


The soil is a single entity where everything is interconnected. Influencing its mineralogical composition, we to a certain extent influence its agrophysical, agrochemical and biological properties. The introduction of agro-ores with norms of 1.5-6.0 t/ha under conditions of typical gray soils on the qualitative composition and quantitative content of the main soil-forming soil components is very close and generally homogeneous. The exceptions are the proportion of clay components in the fine fraction, as well as the structural characteristics and the number of swelling packets in the hydromica and montmorillonite phases. Clay minerals have an impact on soil microorganisms, since many representatives of the microbiota are able to adsorb on the surface of clay minerals, and their metabolic products enter into chemical reactions with minerals. The strengthening of the biological activity of the soil under the action of bentonite is because, due to its introduction into the soil, not only the content of mobile forms of nutrients increased, but also the agrophysical properties of the soil and its moisture supply improved.

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