The Role of Plant Tissue Culture in Ex Situ Conservation of Biodiversity

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Shilpa S. Ruikar, Aparna G. Pathade, Abhay A.Ghatage


Plant tissue culture has emerged as a vital tool in the ex situ conservation of biodiversity, offering unique advantages in preserving endangered plant species. This paper provides an overview of the principles and techniques of plant tissue culture and examines its applications in ex situ conservation efforts. It discusses the significance of genetic diversity preservation and the challenges faced in traditional conservation methods. Furthermore, the paper explores how plant tissue culture addresses these challenges by enabling the mass propagation of rare and endangered plant species, maintaining genetic stability, and facilitating the reintroduction of species into their natural habitats. Case studies and examples illustrate successful applications of plant tissue culture in biodiversity conservation efforts worldwide. The paper concludes with a discussion on future directions and potential advancements in utilizing plant tissue culture for ex situ conservation purposes.

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