The Effectiveness of Art Therapy on Reducing Manifest Anxiety in Children in Science Classes

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Elahe Keshavarz
Fateme Moshkbid
Faeze Karimipour


Objectives: This research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of art therapy in reducing manifest anxiety in 10 to 11-year-old children in the science class. Methods: It was an applied, quasi-experimental research with pre-test and post-test, and a control group. The statistical population consisted of all fourth-grade male and female students in Giulan province. Two classes were selected through convenience sampling, and after conducting an anxiety test, anxious children were randomly assigned to an experimental group and a control group. The Children's Manifest Anxiety Questionnaire was used as the measurement tool. The intervention for the experimental group involved six sessions of drawing therapy. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings: Research findings indicated that art therapy has a significant impact on reducing manifest anxiety in children. Conclusion: Given that art therapy has a positive effect on reducing manifest anxiety, it is necessary for elementary school teachers to properly identify anxious children and employ effective art therapy strategies in the experimental science class.

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