Harnessing Transgenic Microorganisms for Environmental Cleanup: Case Studies and Future Directions

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Snehal A. Masurkar, Jayashri P. Nanaware, Ashvini V. Jadhav


Transgenic microorganisms hold immense promise in environmental cleanup, offering innovative solutions to remediate contaminated sites and mitigate pollution. This paper explores the current state of harnessing transgenic microorganisms for environmental cleanup through a review of case studies and an analysis of future directions. We delve into the principles behind transgenic microorganism engineering, highlighting the genetic modifications employed to enhance their capabilities for pollutant degradation. Case studies exemplifying successful applications of transgenic microorganisms in various environmental cleanup scenarios are examined, elucidating their effectiveness, challenges, and regulatory considerations. Furthermore, we discuss emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of transgenic microorganism-based environmental remediation, including synthetic biology approaches, bioinformatics tools, and ecological risk assessments. Finally, we outline key research gaps and propose strategies to advance the field towards sustainable and efficient environmental cleanup.

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