Inflationary Situations and Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Private Label Brands in India.

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Sadaf Karim
Vidya Nakhate
Varsha Bihade
Rohan Das
Karuna Gole
Beena J Jiby
D. Kumar
Samrat Ray


Purpose: The Indian Economy is experiencing a decent growth rate when other countries are slowing down. There is optimism in the Indian market. Besides other factors, the huge middle income class, along with one of the largest youth population in the world is driving the consumption demand. However, India in line with other economies is also feeling the pinch of higher prices due to different geo political conflicts and disorder leading to increase in energy and food prices. The authors have tried to study the consumer preference for private label brands during the price rise. Design/Methodology/Approach: The Research design selected for the study is descriptive and analytical. The researchers have used both qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to derive the results. The sampling design was non probability Judgmental sampling. Limitation/Implications: The findings of the study are based on limited samples through which the researchers have got an idea of the perceptions of the consumers but overall generalizations seems to be difficult. Second there are many factors which can drive the demand for private labels which have not been considered by the researchers. Originality/Value: First and foremost is that there are only few research papers based on the subject of study. The existing literature and research papers have only considered limited dimensions of the subject. Besides there are only few research papers which have done a comprehensive view of the subject. The originality of the subject is enhanced as this study is conducted during the period of price rise in India when consumer price index has crossed the limit of 6%.

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