An Evaluative Study to Assess the Knowledge and Skills of Osce (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) Based Procedures among Nursing Students

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Rathva H A
Pattan A D


Introduction: The OSCE is the accepted method of evaluating competency, clinical skills, and counselling sessions in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and in fact the majority of respectable medical schools. It successfully supplements cognitive knowledge testing in essay writing and objective examination. Objective: To assess the knowledge of OSCE based procedures among nursing students, to assess the skills of OSCE based procedures among nursing students, to find the association between knowledge and skills of nursing students with their selected demographic variables. Method: A Quantitative research approach and Pre-experimental Research Design (one group pre-test post-test) was used in research. Researcher selected 131 nursing students from selected nursing college thought convenience sampling techniques. Self-Structured Knowledge Questionnaire on OSCE based procedures and Checklist based on Handwashing and PPE Procedures used as a tool. Result: finding the study that revelled that 54(41.2%) of students had very good knowledge, whereas 49(37.4%) of students had good knowledge 21(16.0%) of students had average knowledge and only 7(5.3%) students had poor knowledge of OSCE. In the skill 126(95%) students having good skill,5(5%) having average skill and 0(0%) having a poor skill in OSCE based procedure among nursing students. In the study provide insights in to the relationship between demographic variables and pre-test score among nursing student. Also provides insights into the relationship between pre-test skill score and selected demographic variables among nursing students, highlighting areas where additional research or interventions may be warranted. Conclusion: OSCE is strongly suggested as a reliable and valid means of evaluating nursing student’s clinical skills.

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