The influence of cadmium and lead salts on morpho-biochemical blood parameters and productivity of rabbits.

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Rajamuradov Z.T.
Bakhrillaeva M.A.
Nakhalboev A.A.
Rajamuradova N.Z.
Rakhmatova N.B.


In recent years, in order to preserve the genetic potential of farm animals and meet the population's demand for livestock products, numerous poisonings of animals raised on an industrial basis have been observed due to the use of various synthetic ingredients, food additives and biologically active substances in their feeding.Prevention of this is one of the priorities of biological science. This scientific article examines the negative impact of salts of the heavy metals cadmium and lead on the consumption, digestion and productivity of rabbits that were fed the diet of industrial rabbits at a dose 5 times higher than the norm, studied and experimentally carried out, shown in based on data.Based on data obtained in production experiments, it is recommended to replace 10% of the dry matter of the daily diet with dry matter of higher algae Eykhniya, which has biocorrective properties, to neutralize the level of toxicity of heavy metal salts. and get the planned product from the rabbits at no additional cost.

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