Bioremediation of Polluted Environments: Strategies and Challenges

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Dhanshri Vishal Patil, Girish R. Pathade, Aparna G. Pathade


Bioremediation, a promising approach for environmental cleanup, employs living organisms or their derivatives to remove or neutralize contaminants from polluted environments. This paper presents an overview of bioremediation strategies and discusses the challenges associated with its implementation. Various bioremediation techniques such as microbial remediation, phytoremediation, and enzyme-mediated degradation are explored along with their applications in different polluted environments. The paper also examines the factors influencing bioremediation efficiency, including environmental conditions, microbial diversity, and contaminant properties. Challenges such as slow degradation rates, limited applicability to certain contaminants, and the need for optimization are discussed, along with potential solutions and future directions in bioremediation research.

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