Analysis of Zahiri Samarqandi's Sindbadnameh Based on the Book of Stylistics, Theories, Approaches and Methods by Mahmoud Fotuh

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Dr. Keyhan Shahriari


Sindbadnameh book is one of the valuable Persian books in artificial and complex prose. In this research, this book has been examined and analyzed from the perspective of layered stylistics. Modern or layered stylistics is one of the practical methods in stylistics that is form-oriented and text-based, examining the text in five phonetic, lexical, syntactic, rhetorical, and ideological layers. In this method, the text is divided into smaller layers according to the situational context, and these layers are investigated to identify their salient features. This writing has been done in a descriptive-qualitative manner, and the author's findings show that this book is one of the prominent examples of artificial prose and is of particular importance in stylistic discussions. By reviewing this book, phonological processes, rhymes and parallelisms... the use of marked and unmarked words and Coders, especially religious, historical and mythological Coders, as well as the nested and complex style, the author's voice and imagery, especially explicit metaphor and irony, are revealed.

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