Impact of Techonolgy and Digitalisation on Two-Wheeler Buying Behaviour

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Diwakar Raj.S
Dr. Marie Johnson


With the advent of technology there are many changes which is taking place in all walks of life especially in decision making. Consumer decision making is largely influenced with the introduction of technology and increase use of them by customers. Hence all kind of organisation require to innovate new aspects to satisfy the the changing need, preference and taste of consumers. Number of automobiles keeps increasing and its buying decision unless like early generation is heavy impacted by technology as a part of product and also as decision making process. Technology available in automobile which is for safety, Trend and convenience also play a role in buying automobile. Using technology in every part of life has become lifestyle now a days and it plays a crucial role in consumer purchasing decision. This conceptual paper discuss about various technology and services which is impacting two wheeler buying decision in this internet era.

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