Wireless Network Routing protocol algorithms: A Technical Review

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: Many new protocols have been developed especially for sensor networks where energy awareness is a crucial factor as a result of recent advancements in wireless sensor networks. Nonetheless, because routing protocols can vary based on the application and network architecture, they have received the majority of attention.This paper provides a thorough review of the literature on the most recent developments in wireless networks of various routing protocols techniques that can be used for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. To enable data communication in wireless ad hoc networks, numerous routing protocols have been created, and a great number of excellent research articles have published that thoroughly address the routing problem. These routing protocols, despite their shown efficacy, were created in secure environments with no security considerations.This paper presents a brief survey on routing protocols based on fault-tolerant, location, multi-path methods are discussed. Comparing to these algorithms the Load-balanced multi-path routing protocol and Fault-tolerant ad hoc on-demand routing protocolalgorithms outperforms having better performance than other methods.

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