A Concise Review on Rationale for Development of Sustained Release Drug Delivery System

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Dr. Kiran C. Mahajan
Vinayak D. Gadge
Sushant S. Gaikwad
Oasis P. Shelke
Sanket B. Gunjal
Dr. Ganesh Y. Dama


Modern drug delivery systems are characterized by immediate and repeated drug release, which can increase the risk of drug changes and the need for controlled release systems that regulate close or uneven blood flow. Sustained-release preparations provide an important means of reducing side effects by preventing changes in the therapeutic concentration of drugs in the body. Extended-release drugs have many advantages over prescription drugs, such as increasing patient compliance, using less medication, maximizing drug use, increasing the energy safety of existing drugs, reducing the drug in transition phase, and reducing the cost of treatment. Cost due to better treatment and shorter treatment time. The main purpose of sustained release data is to improve drug therapy by evaluating the relationship between the advantages and disadvantages of sustained technology. The main purpose of this review is to provide complete information about continuous drug delivery and its benefits and to describe various methods for drug selection for drug delivery.

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