Innovations in Detecting and Preventing Foodborne Pathogens: A Review of Advances in Food Microbiology

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B. Harinathan, Priyadarshani A. Patil, Shilpa S. Ruikar


Foodborne pathogens pose significant risks to public health and the food industry, necessitating constant advancements in detection and prevention strategies. This paper reviews recent innovations in food microbiology aimed at enhancing the detection and mitigation of foodborne pathogens. Traditional methods such as culture-based techniques have limitations in terms of speed, sensitivity, and specificity. Therefore, novel technologies including molecular methods, biosensors, nanotechnology, and advanced imaging techniques are being developed to overcome these challenges. Additionally, innovative approaches in food processing, packaging, and storage are being employed to prevent contamination and ensure food safety. This review discusses the principles, advantages, and limitations of these innovative methods and their potential impact on food safety and public health.

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