Driving Sustainable Development and Natural Resource Management Through Youth Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Enactus' Impact in India

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Dr. Sarita Rana
Sai Siddhant
Sachi Rajpal


This research paper examines the role of Enactus India, a youth-led social entrepreneurship organization, in driving sustainable development through its initiatives. The study analyses Enactus India's projects and their impact on various dimensions of sustainable development, including social, economic, and environmental aspects. Drawing on qualitative and quantitative data, the research explores the organization's strategies, challenges, and outcomes in fostering youth entrepreneurship for positive change. The findings reveal that Enactus India has successfully empowered young individuals to become change agents in their communities by addressing social and environmental issues through innovative business models. The organization's collaborative approach, strong partnerships, and focus on knowledge sharing have contributed to its effectiveness in creating sustainable solutions. However, certain areas, such as monitoring and evaluation, policy advocacy, and diversity and inclusion, require further attention. Based on the analysis, the paper provides recommendations for Enactus India to enhance its impact on sustainable development, including scaling successful initiatives, strengthening collaboration, and promoting entrepreneurial skills and mindset among its members. By implementing these recommendations, Enactus India and similar organizations can continue to drive positive change, foster youth-led entrepreneurship, and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a local and global level.

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