Novel Antifungal Strategies Against Candidiasis: Insights from Herbal Biotechnology

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Wasim A. Bagwan, B. Harinathan, Girish R. Pathade


Candidiasis, caused by Candida species, poses a significant global health burden, particularly with the rise of drug-resistant strains. In recent years, there has been growing interest in exploring alternative antifungal strategies, including those derived from herbal biotechnology. This paper reviews the current understanding of Candida infections, the challenges associated with conventional antifungal therapies, and the potential of herbal biotechnology in developing novel antifungal agents. We discuss the mechanisms of action of herbal compounds against Candida species, their efficacy in preclinical and clinical studies, and the prospects for their integration into mainstream antifungal therapies. Furthermore, we highlight the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between microbiologists, biotechnologists, pharmacologists, and clinicians in advancing research in this field. Overall, this paper provides insights into the promising role of herbal biotechnology in combating Candida infections and offers perspectives on future directions for research and development in this area.

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