Unlocking the Global Market: Strategies for Tapping the Export Potential of Indian Sports Goods Industry

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Dr. Sonia Sorte
Dr. Netaji Jadhav


As a consequence of changing buyer tastes and increasing levels of sports participation, worldwide demand for sports equipment is growing. India’s sports goods industry continues to have difficulty completely leveraging its international trade possibilities. The goal of this research is to discover ways to boost the competitiveness of India in the global sporting goods market. The intent of this research is to acquire knowledge of the financial, regulatory, and market factors operating the Indian sporting goods sector through studying the sector’s current circumstances, strengths, and global position. Use of bundled goods, removing regulatory ineffectiveness, promoting sports tourism, obtaining geographical indications for Kashmir willow bats, and eliminating barriers in global bidding for broad sporting events are some of the problems that emerge throughout the study. Several approaches have been suggested for improving the competitiveness of India in the worldwide sports equipment market. These include investigating bundles as an avenue for market penetration, updating regulations, improving tourism for sports, relying on geographical signs, and alleviating participation in international athletic competitions. The research indicates that India’s sporting goods business has untapped potential for export and provides strategies for resolving industry obstacles, increasing growth, and upgrading the country’s competitiveness around the world.

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