"Production of Spirulina sp. in a Modified Medium with Rice Bran Extract in a Controlled Indoor Environment"

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Ankit Chaudhari
Manoj Kapil


Developing a cost-effective method for cultivating Spirulina sp. is an intriguing endeavor! Given its potential as a nutrient-rich super food and its applications in various industries, such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, finding efficient cultivation methods is crucial for widespread adoption. Growth characteristics of algae grown in modified media containing rice bran extract were compared, including biomass, density, chlorophyll, (specific) growth rate, and carotenoids. The purpose of this study was to evaluate how Spirulina thrives in our modified rice bran medium and to perform a comparative analysis of its effectiveness. This will facilitate the development of a novel medium aimed at reducing the production costs associated with Spirulina cultivation. During the cultivation of Spirulina sp., different concentrations (0.2ml, 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, and 4ml) of rice bran extract supplements were added to the modified indoor growth medium. Positive outcomes were achieved through the utilization of various concentrations of rice bran extract for Spirulina cultivation in indoor settings. Notably, in the current study, Spirulina cultivated in rice bran extract at a concentration of 4ml/200ml exhibited a dry weight of 0.141±0.0026 g, a specific growth rate of 0.0075±0.00015, and a carotenoid content of 5.329±0.011 µg/l. The highest Spirulina density, 0.0164±0.00002, was observed at a concentration of 2ml/200 ml rice bran extract. Additionally, at a concentration of 4ml/200 ml, Spirulina cultivated in rice bran extract demonstrated a chlorophyll-a content of 11.028±0.025 mg/L, while chlorophyll-c content was 1.293±0.011 mg/L. Furthermore, Spirulina grown in rice bran extract at a concentration of 2ml/200 ml exhibited a chlorophyll- b content of 2.190±0.015 mg/L, surpassing the control medium in indoor culture. Furthermore, a control group was set up, employing the modified indoor growth medium without any rice bran extract supplement additions.

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