Integrating Cell Biology and Immunology for the Development of Targeted Cancer Therapies

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Prajkta S. Sarkale, Narendrakumar J. Suryavanshi, Kiran A. Bobde


Cancer continues to pose a significant challenge to human health globally. Despite advances in understanding its underlying mechanisms, effective treatment modalities remain elusive. The convergence of cell biology and immunology has sparked new avenues in cancer therapy development. This paper explores the interplay between cell biology and immunology in the context of targeted cancer therapies. We delve into the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer development and progression, emphasizing the intricate interactions between cancer cells and the immune system. Furthermore, we discuss how insights from cell biology and immunology are harnessed to develop novel targeted therapies, including immunotherapies and molecularly targeted agents. Through a comprehensive review of recent literature, this paper highlights the promising strategies and challenges in leveraging cell biology and immunology for precision cancer treatment.

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