Study of Training & Development Practices Adopted by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra

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Vijaya Amitesh Gondane
Ganesh Waghmare
Padmakar Shahare
Ashok Todmal
Meena Rajesh


The Division of Human Resource Management of each Company is essential for growth and skills. Training refers to a systemic framework in which managers are trained and teach technical skills in relation to their profile and tasks. It reflects primarily on staff how particular activities should be performed to improve performance as well as to enhance their personal attributes for an individual as well as organizational growth. In terms of perspectives, perceptions, adaptiveness, management and social interactions, the creation process takes place. This paper analyzes the status of numerous development and training approaches in Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance company ltd. in Vidarbha Region and it shows and gives a learning the relation among the exercise and personnel efficiency. The research paper observes and analyses the present status of various training and development practices implemented by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company ltd, in Vidarbha Region and leads towards a linkage in among the exercise and empoyees’s output. The study has been used statistical methods like standard deviation, Z test, mean also regression and correlation analysis for the effective procedure and examination the data collected for current study. The obtained results showed that the development & Training practices implemented by Bajaj Allianz Life insurance company ltd are though better but still employees have no substantial difference in their understanding of development and training.

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