Study of Employer Branding and Talent Management Practices in SME, Unicorn of India –- Challenges and Opportunity

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Debashish Das
Nidhi Chaudhary


SMEs and unicorns have a significant impact on the growth of Indian economy as it is poised to be one of the leading economies of the world by the next decade. In the transformed business scenario getting good talent will be the key differentiator. Besides the brand of product and service, the employer brand will also make a lot of difference in attracting and retaining talent. However, the attraction of promising talent from the pool of experienced professionals from big and established brand who may be interested to explore career option in SME as Key Managerial talent and the talent from the campus who may wish to start the career from SME is ineffective. Due to ineffective Employer Branding building a talented team for growth becomes a challenge in many ways.  This research focuses on aspects of the new paradigm of business where skilled, professional talent is needed but not attracted to SME. Motivated by this macro scenario, it has created a powerful opportunity for research of managing Transformational HR aspects of employer branding and talent management practices in SMEs, Unicorn, and its impact on business growth, A case study approach was adopted in 30 plus SME organizations to study the employer branding and talent management and its impact on business growth. Future studies may expand this research by adding more factors

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