Transgenic Plants and Animals in Agriculture: Assessing the Risks and Benefits

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Aishwarya D.Jagtap, Prajkta S. Sarkale, Priyadarshani A. Patil


Transgenic plants and animals, engineered through genetic modification techniques, have emerged as significant tools in modern agriculture. These organisms are designed to exhibit traits beneficial to agriculture, such as increased resistance to pests, diseases, and environmental stressors, as well as enhanced nutritional content. However, along with their potential benefits, transgenic organisms also raise concerns regarding environmental and health risks. This paper critically examines the risks and benefits associated with transgenic plants and animals in agriculture, drawing upon existing research and empirical evidence. It evaluates factors such as ecological impacts, food safety, socio-economic implications, and ethical considerations. By comprehensively assessing the pros and cons, this paper aims to provide insights for policymakers, scientists, and stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding the deployment and regulation of transgenic organisms in agriculture.

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