The Covid-19 Pandemic Enunciated the Progress of Learning Via Digital Devices

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Veeran C, PhD Scholar (part time)
Dr. R. Shanthi


Certainly, Virtual learning turned to be an essential element at the maximum of educational institutions. Furthermore, maximum of schools, colleges and universities have been depending upon the virtual learning across the world due to the pandemic crisis of COVID-19. The difficult situation has sidelined the physical class room teaching process. The virtual learning imparts a cognitive method of teaching which exposes an adequate quality among students. As a teacher one could understand the attitudes of the students towards virtual learning while interacting with them virtually. The aim of the study is to proclaim an importance of virtual learning and its various virtual applications which make the students to get familiarize the learnings with the web-based tools. Furthermore, it would obligate to look for the remedy to enhance the knowledge of the students towards self-study behavior. Furthermore, the research is to expose the outcomes of virtual learning and eagerness of students in using Virtual Learning utensils, and their functions. Finally, the research proclaims that the Virtual learning turned to be quite fame among the students across the globe, especially during the period of COVID-19 pandemic.

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