Livelihood Schemes for Women in Nagaland through NSRLM: An Insight

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Lamminlen Apollo Khongsai
S. Suchitra Varma


Nagaland's government has launched a program called the Nagaland State Rural Livelihood Mission (NSRLM) for women. This program is designed to help rural women become economically independent and active in their communities. The goal is to encourage and support women in starting their businesses so that they can earn more money and live better lives. The State has made progress in education, sex equality, health, and the promotion of female entrepreneurs in addition to the customs that have historically protected women and girls. Nagaland has a greater rate of female enrolment and female literacy than the rest of the country. Declining maternal mortality rates, improved sex ratios, and an absence of female feticide are all examples of progress in the healthcare industry. Seldom do women or children suffer from malnutrition. But concerns are warranted by the startlingly high fertility rate. On September 13, 2012, the Nagaland State Rural Livelihood Mission (NSRLM) was established to act as the state's NRLM implementation agency. The empowerment of women in Nagaland has been deeply influenced by these NSRLM-implemented programs. They have improved women's social position and capacity for making choices in addition to giving them possibilities for skill development and revenue generation. Through these initiatives, Nagaland's rural women have been able to transcend customary gender roles and actively participate in the monetary advancement of their families and communities. Secondary sources were used in this article, and both an analytical and descriptive approach were used.The objectives arethe first is about empowerment through NSRLM, the second one is about livelihood measures adopted and the third is about other women NGOs' role in women empowerment.

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