A Comprehensive Analysis of the Educational Advantages of Nature and Outdoor Physical Education for Students' Learning

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Almira E. Nochefranca


In the field of education, outdoor learning in natural settings is becoming increasingly popular. But as practitioner usage has grown and teacher opinions have changed, the body of research evidence has not kept up. Formal research and anecdotal data point to the substantial benefits of the physical education-nature relationship for health and wellbeing. The educational advantages of outdoor learning are still being worked out, but they include providing low-cost, non-intrusive pedagogical solutions to public health issues, especially those pertaining to mental health, wellbeing, physical literacy, and promoting physical exercise. The advantages of nature and outdoor physical education for students' learning are addressed in this paper, which makes use of a systematic review. This review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the extensive global research conducted on outdoor learning and its benefits for human development, well-being, and progress. Insights from the comprehensive review will help frontline educators, educational policymakers, and teacher-training institutions enhance the educational experiences of pupils especially in their Physical Education class.

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