Determining the Dynamics of Birth Interval Components: A Mathematical Model Based on Empirical Data from Manipur's Valley

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Ch. Shyamkesho Singh
Md. Abdul Latif


Understanding the dynamics of birth interval components is crucial in high fertility populations. This study, conducted in Manipur's four valley districts, aimed to investigate the patterns of birth interval components among 977 eligible women using a cluster sampling scheme. From April 2022 to October 2022 with 1st April 2022 as the reference date, the data was gathered through a pre-tested semi-structured interview schedule. Cox’s regression model was employed to analyze the impact of various factors such as infant mortality, lactation, contraceptive device usage, son preference, and religion on the birth interval components. The analysis revealed significant associations (P<0.01) between these factors and the dynamics of birth interval components in the censored data.

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