Fermentation Technology in the Production of Plant-Based Meat Alternatives: Environmental and Health Implications

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Abhay A.Ghatage, Ashvini V. Jadhav, Wasim A. Bagwan


The rise of plant-based meat alternatives presents a promising avenue for addressing environmental concerns associated with conventional meat production while offering potential health benefits. Fermentation technology has emerged as a key approach in the production of these alternatives, enabling the creation of products that mimic the taste, texture, and nutritional profile of meat. This paper provides an overview of fermentation technology in the context of plant-based meat alternatives, focusing on its environmental and health implications. It examines the sustainability aspects of fermentation compared to traditional meat production, explores the nutritional content and health effects of fermented plant-based meats, and discusses potential challenges and opportunities in this field. By evaluating the environmental and health impacts of fermentation technology in plant-based meat production, this paper aims to contribute to a better understanding of its role in shaping sustainable food systems.

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