Residential Consumer`s Offtake of Rooftop Solar Panels in Rajasthan: Influence of State Government Policy

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Pooja Kudesia Srivastava


India  has set its eyes on attaining the target generation of 500 GW of power through renewable energy . The target is to be achieved by year 2030.India`s rooftop solar market has warmed up to the challenge as the sector is forecasted to add 4 GW of capacity in the current fiscal  year  ending 2024.However , much is still desired by the sector as there are many obstacles in the road to achieving the target .Rajasthan is likely to play a key role in overcoming the challenges as it is geographically blessed with abundance of sunlight.Countries like Germany and Japan have shown the path that government`s policies in the sector play a vital role in overcoming the roadblocks.This study examines the influence of Rajasthan government`s policy initiatives on the residential`s consumer propensity to install rooftop solar panels at home .

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