Medical Biotechnology in Combatting Rare Genetic Disorders: A Review of Recent Advances

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Prakash G. Ghewari, Abhay A.Ghatage, Rahul M. Sonavale


Rare genetic disorders pose significant challenges in healthcare due to their complex etiology and limited treatment options. Medical biotechnology has emerged as a transformative tool in combatting these conditions, offering innovative approaches for diagnosis, treatment, and management. This paper reviews recent advances in medical biotechnology and its application in addressing rare genetic disorders. Gene therapy, genome editing, RNA-based therapies, and personalized medicine approaches are discussed as key strategies in this endeavor. Through the synthesis of current research findings and clinical developments, this review highlights the potential of medical biotechnology to revolutionize the landscape of rare disease management. Despite challenges such as regulatory hurdles and technical limitations, ongoing advancements in medical biotechnology hold promise for improving outcomes and quality of life for individuals affected by rare genetic disorders.

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