A Broken Intravenous Cannula in External Jugular Vein

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R. Kaaviya
Lakshmi R.


Peripheral intravenous cannulation (PIVC) is an ordinary invasive procedure, used for the infusion of intravenous fluids, medications and sampling of blood in health care centres. In an emergency, where rapid resuscitation is required or PIVC is difficult, external jugular vein (EJV) cannulation is preferred because of its anatomy and superficial location. Since the fracture of the tip of the cannula is a very rare complication, it can lead to intravenous migration, embolization, and thrombosis.The issue of cannula fracture is a serious problem that must be undertaken and mandates proper diagnosis and treatment. In conclusion, training of the staff, good technique of insertion, proper care, attentive removal, early recognition and emergent removal of the fractured segment of the cannula are of utmost importance.

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