Rheumatological Perspective of Osteoarthritis and Their Common Clinical Presentations from Patients Who Are Attending Teaching Hospital

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Samikrishnan Perumal
Saravanan Mayilsamy
Senthakrishna Thangaraj


Osteoarthritis is a common articular disease and it often limits the activities and earning capacity of above middle aged individuals and it is a crippling disease in ages after 70 years. Strongest associations is observed in larger proportions of obese young individuals . The current study aims to perform a systematic and prospective study on osteoarthritis from August 2006 to August 2022 and it was conducted in three different centers, namely in rheumatology out-patient department of the Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College and Hospital, Salem and K. A. P. Viswanatham Government Medical College , Akitha Hospital, Centre of Excellence for Autoimmune Diseases, Seelanaickenpatti, Salem, Tamil Nadu State, India. Salem, TamilNadu State of India are have been included for this systematic and prospective on going study on osteoarthritis for the epidemiology, causes, pathology, pathogenesis and clinical features. . This article aims to reduce or avoid pitfalls either in the investigations or in the diagnosis of primary OA from secondary osteoarthritis before initiating proper treatment.There are 3208 cases (M-1759 & F-1449) have been enrolled for this study and based on the age of presentation, they were categorized into 3 groups. Ages from 35-50 years are in Group-A, (in 538, M-177 & F-361), 51-70 years of ages in Group-B, (in 1846, M-1181 & F-665) and from 71 years and above are in Group- C (in-824, M-401 & F-423). Another interesting features was observed that obesity has strongest association with OA and it was the predominant cause for the OA in young female. In our study, obesity was found as a significant cause in age group less than 50 years and it was predominantly seen in female (57.06%) than male (30.50%), whereas in other two groups, it was found equally in both sexes.

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