Effectiveness of A Structured Training Program on Selected First Aid Management Among Commercial Drivers

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Chauhan Milankumar J
Dwivedi Kajal
Abhay D.Pattan
Praful S. Damor
Anantkumar H. P


Background: According to the Red Cross’ society, millions are injured and hurt every year around the world on account of lack of timely medical assistance, however, with knowledge of first aid, one can easily prevent this by providing care while waiting for professionals. This can help reduce deaths and injuries, as well the impact of calamities, disasters and daily emergencies by a great deal Aims: Assess the level of knowledge regarding first aid management before the implementation of the structured training program,Assess the level of knowledge regarding first aid management after the implementation of the structured training program and Find the association of pre-test knowledge score regarding first aid management with the selected socio-demographic variables. Methods: A pre-experimental, one group pre-test-post-test research design will be used for the study. A non-probability Purposive sampling technique was used to select 100 commercial drivers for the sample. Self-structured knowledge questionnaires were distributed to gauge the level of First aid knowledge before and after implementation of the structured training program.. To analyse the collected data, descriptive and inferential statistics were health care workers. Result:The pre-test and post-test knowledge scores differed significantly, as shown by the paired t-test value of 22.643 Therefore, a structured training programme may be a helpful way to improve commercial drivers ' understanding of first aid , according to statistical inference. Conclusion: The implementation of structured training program, according to the study's results, significantly improved topic knowledge.

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